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Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding accomplishments you will ever experience. Whether you are learning as a start to a new and exciting career or just learning for the fun of it, we can help you learn that something you've been thinking about your whole life!

This is where it all begins.


The private pilot certificate is the foundation of your entire aviation experience, whether you are flying for fun or moving on to become a career pilot.

Applicants must be able to read, speak, write and understand English and be at least 17 years of age.

As a Private Pilot, you are now able to take to the skies with friends and family. You are also able to fly any single-engine, piston driven aircraft anywhere in the United States. Although you can share the magic of flight, you are restricted from flying for hire or compensation. This means that you cannot be paid or compensated in any way to fly anyone. This includes your time and the cost of operating the aircraft. To take advantage of flying for hire, or opening more doors for your aviation experience, look into getting your Instrument Rating and/or Commercial Certificate.

To achieve a private pilot certificate the following hours are required by the FAA:

Dual (with instructor): 20 hours

Solo (without instructor) 20 hours

Local: 10 hours Cross Country: 10 hours

Total: 40 hours

Note that this is the minimum hours required. You can expect to fly more, as our average is 60 hours. The national average is 70 hours.


There are three areas that you must be proficient in to be qualified to be a private pilot. These areas are as follows:



You must be me medically fit to operate an aircraft solo. This is determined by a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. Click Here for a list of AMEs.



There is a lot of knowledge that is required of pilots to know. This is tested by taking an FAA written exam. You will be given materials to prepare you for this test as well as one-on-one instruction with you and your flight instructor.


Practical Skills

One of the most important aspects of being a pilot is operating the aircraft. The majority of flight training is learning to not only fly an aircraft, but do it while under certain conditions and scenarios. It is tested by taking a practical test at the end of your training.



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